Rosier Retreats: Year-Long Leadership Collaborative and Kick-off Retreat

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"I’ve been using the Rosier Principals for being my authentic self and have found my personal relationships, as well as, my business relationships more meaningful. I’ve also noticed that others approach me with a more open dialogue, there has been a shift! " - G. Liberator

All The Tools You Need To Become A Successful Leader

The way you must conduct business has changed at
every level and most especially where it concerns the
needs of your most valuable asset: your employees.

"In the eight weeks following the retreat I have leaned into a new level of confidence in my competence and value. My essence to be of service is making great progress as I embrace patience and seek the synergy instead of the first decent idea. My communication and listening have improved as I am growing in my awareness of the differences in needs and styles among stakeholders, especially with clients. I've firmed up boundaries with clients long past due for changes and added a new client on a deeper level of service and higher bill rate. One long-term client I have recruited as an ally to help me reframe my value proposition, and my income has grown with that organization by 50%. Last, but perhaps most important, I am reducing the time and energy spent reacting to expected problems, and instead having conversations with those potentially impacted and finding often my worries were getting in the way of something better."- M. Crumpler